Sunday, April 27, 2014

REVIEW: Landlines - Loserly cassette EP (Grabbing Clouds)

Every so often you hear a band that possesses the perfect ratio of DIY ruggedness to pop accessibility.  Unfortunately, its these sorts of bands that often jump the shark and upset this delicate balance in search of the green pastures of "audience-broadening".  Oftentimes this results in recordings that are too produced and over-thought...the music loses the raw, immediate, quirky elements that attracted you to the band in the first place.  Its an all-too-familiar story, am I right?  Portland's Landlines sound like they're right at that precipice and I hope- not only for their sake but for the sake of their potential devoted DIY fanbase- that they decide not to make the leap just yet.  Their latest, Loserly, is a near perfect EP.  The overall sound is eclectic yet focused, punk yet pop, nonchalant yet heartfelt and its all sewn together with a great home made production sound.  They're music surges forward over minimal changes flanked by chiming guitars, natural-sounding drums and lackadaisical vocals.  The song-writing is on point too...Malkmus level shit.  Its early 90s style filtered through a lo-fi modern garage approach.  Highly recommended!!  Get it here.

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