Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GOOD CAUSE: Elijah Von Cramon (Paint Fumes) NEEDS YOUR HELP!

One our most righteous garage punk brethren, Elijah Von Cramon of the band Paint Fumes, has been hit by a car and needs financial his own words:

"The night of June 4th 1990, Dead boy Stiv Bators got hit by a car, and became an actual dead boy hours later. Years later, 2013 (year of scum) February 13th to be exact, I got hit by a car, and died too. Well for a few minutes at least. Luckily enough, I didn't stay dead... but I was left with a shattered pelvis, broken femur, my knees all kinds of mangled up, busted head, broken teeth, and lying in a puddle of my own blood and vomit. I was in critical condition for weeks, and then in the trauma unit for about 2 and a half months. Definitely not a fun place. So here I am now back at home with a mountain of bills and unable to walk, or work to pay the bills. One of the worst parts about all this is that I was supposed to leave for a west coast and European tour, weeks after with my band, Paint Fumes. So here I am at home, missing tour, and worst of all missing being normal. People have been amazing with all the support, love, and donating money...and you can do that too, if ya want. It would be much appreciated by me, my family and my friends. Thank you.

Elijah von Cramon"


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