Saturday, June 22, 2013

❤AUSSIES❤: REVIEW: The Frowning Clouds - Gospel Sound From The Church Of Scientology (Saturno)


This is part of a series of reviews highlighting some of our favorite bands from the Australian continent...

The Frowning Clouds are from Geelong (just like our buddies, The Laughing Leaves).  They seem to borrow all my favorite sounds of the sixties: surf, freakbeat, garage, frat and psych...and mix them together with their own unique synergy.  The result is a diverse palette of sounds that goes down smooth with the band's hooky melodies and vintage production approach.  Its music that makes you wanna grab a super 8 camera and shoot grainy footage of a sunny meadow through billowing clouds of weed smoke.  Turn your mind on to the youth movement, dig?  Unfortunately, this tape was a limited run, but you can download the tracks here.

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