Monday, June 30, 2014

REVIEW: No Aloha - S/T EP (self-released)

Oh my!  I'm really digging this lovelorn power pop garage out of Montreal.  No Aloha bring three chords and the truth like nobody's business.  Well...maybe a few more than three.  There's some bridges in there too, I think.  The lyrics are heart-on-sleave, but in a very endearing way. Like The Exploding Hearts or the best of The Black Lips.  Group vocals shout out songs about the confusion of being young and in love and the subsequent doing of drugs and eating of pizza to get over it.  Their lyrics read like a transcript  of a conversation between buddies- you know those times when you be all like "fuck that bitch...just focus on the band now man!" (or if you feminists prefer "fuck that asshole" or whatever you ladies tell each other to help a friend get over it).  The structure and melodies of the songs are simple, but just what you want from this type of music. Certainly the style is right in step with the modern garage sound, but these guys score extremely high on the likeability scale.  Don't worry dudes...there's plenty of fish in the rock n roll least you sound like you're having a good time figuring it all out. Get it here.

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