Monday, June 9, 2014

REVIEW: Hello Killu - S/T EP (Artishock)

The all-female Estonian duo, Hello Killu have their shtick down.  They make the two-person rock n' roll minimalist approach their own with their bass-drums instrumentation, spot-on harmonies, tasteful use of noise, avante garde poety and, if I may, babely Estonian accents.  I'm guessing they would somewhat resent that last observation, but I'm leaving it in this review anyway.  Who cares about the accents though...these ladies play fierce, art punk that uses as few brushstrokes as possible to paint a musical picture that oozes with immediacy and confidence.  The EP is also expertly recorded.  The production value has an Electrical-Audio-esque feel to it.  Simply put, this record is brilliant in its simplicity, execution and artistic vision.  Look out for these grrrls!  They're killin it!  Get it here.

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