Sunday, December 22, 2013

REVIEW: Thee Dang Dangs - For The People full-length cassette (self-released, Grabbing Clouds)

Here's some more jangly psych-surf music for you kids.  Denver's Thee Dang Dangs definitely have their finger on the current underground garage pulse.  Their space echo-ridden tracks skip along the surface with ease yet hint at a dark murky world beneath.  The next time they're in Chicago they should play with our boys NE-HI...that would be a snappy pairing.  After all, they are on one of Chi-towns newest cassette labels- Grabbing Clouds (which is due to release Slushy's latest LP in a few months).  To be honest, I haven't heard too much out of Colorado that isn't bluegrass or jam band music...are Thee Dang Dangs just one in a silent army of denim-wielding, vintage-gear-crushing, cassette-tape-slinging punkers? or do they walk alone, ever vigilant, a solitary face in a sea of hippies?  Only time and a slight amount of effort on my part will tell.  Get it here.

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