Monday, December 23, 2013

REVIEW: Froth - Patterns LP (Lolipop!)

L.A.'s Froth are putting their own spin on the 60s-garage-psych-surf-r&b genre.  And like some other modern outfits that have taken on this classic format (The Spyrals, Uh Bones, Allah Las) Froth is doing a good job of taking a slightly different tact.  Like the aforementioned, this band boils things down to their core elements and rearranges those elements in a modern framework.  Its a formula that I rarely tire of though - I have a strong affinity for 60s groups in general...lets put it this way....I have more 45s in my living room then I have dollars in my savings account (that's actually quite sad and depressing).  But as long as bands are adding something different to this time-honored format I say, "THE MORE THE MERRIER!"  Get it here.

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