Thursday, September 26, 2013

WPOM? RECORDS: Son of a Gun S/T EP cassette RELEASE DATE IS THIS SATURDAY!!!!! (9/28/13)

Holy Crap!!!  Our suburban homies, Son Of A Gun, just recorded five of the slamminest garage punk tunes we've heard in a while.  And guess what?...WPOM is releasing them on a limited edition cassette EP.  I'm not even joking...every single one of these tracks is a screamer!!!!

Come out to the Alpha Delta Phi (University of Chicago) fraternity house on Saturday (9/28) and be one of the first to get your hands on this most righteous artifact.  Here's the facebook event------>

They'll be joined by Real Numbers and Teenage Moods all the way from Minneapolis as well as their home-town friends Uh Bones.  This show is 100% guaranteed to get your rock n' roll boner up!

Brought to you by your good friends at Why Pick On Me?...Seeya there, punks!!

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