Tuesday, September 10, 2013

REVIEW: Silkies - Never Tell A Lie EP (self-released)

Silkies combine surf and 60s r&b in a way that is, by now, quite common in the modern garage rock genre, but for me this band still stands apart.  Their music is hummable/hip-shakable and at the same time sort of dissonant/noisy/out of tune.  The juxtaposition really works to their advantage.  Also, the lead vocalist's style is straight-forward, cheerful, innocent and feminine- the same sort of formula that worked for all those girl groups and French ye-ye singers back in the early sixties (they actually do a great cover of Mary Jo's "Take A Word" on this release).  If you are a fan of Cincinnati's Tweens  or if you just like garage rock you can sing along too you'll probably dig Austin's Silkies.  Get it here.

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