Tuesday, August 6, 2013

REVIEW: JC Satàn - Faraway Land LP (Teenage Menopause)

Every time I talk to French bands (either over the wire or in person) one topic of discussion always pops up: about how much the scene sucks in France.  It's really unfortunate.  I can't say that I can back this up with any amount personal experience (I was in the country for about 10 days last year), but I've gathered that it is the result of various social, cultural and economic forces that have rapidly transformed the country in the last few decades.  That being said, there are more than a handful of kiiiiilllller bands coming out France.  Catholic Spray and Kaviar Special are a couple that come to mind...Well..add JC Satàn to the list.  Their latest LP defies any sort of precise genre definition.  At times is dark, sometimes sensitive, sometimes weird and other times its just straight-forward, 4-chord garage rock.  Above all, its totally original.  Get it here.

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