Thursday, August 8, 2013

REVIEW: Hollow Mountain - Demo (self-released)

Just caught these kids for the first time last night at Wally's World (one of the best places to catch a DIY show in Chicago, btw).  Hollow Mountain prefers their rock boiled down to it's essential elements.  They take proto-punk-metal-influenced progressions and trudge resolutely in synch with each other.  Their tone is crisp, almost crystalline, with just a touch of spacey-sounding echo trailing off in the distance that fits in nicely with their sci-fi themed songs.  Its music that will invariably cause every long-haired dude in the room to stare at the floor and bob in stoner-esque approval.  That's right've got one more reason to get out to one of the many, many killer shows our fair city has to offer.  Get it here.

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  1. uh this was actually released on maximum pelt...