Wednesday, March 10, 2021

REVIEW: The Sueves - 'Tears Of Joy' vinyl (MAGICATALOG)

From the Suicide-esque analog blips of a Korg mini pops[?] drum machine on the LP's opening track to the scratchy record-skipping, hidden-track-like sample of the album's conclusion 'Tears Of Joy' makes me feel glad I've got some Sueves back in my life.  Chicago's own illustrator extraordinaire and garage rock maverick Joe Schorgl has given us another collection of raw, frantic beauty that makes me feel nostalgic of the band's earlier work and at the same time offers up a new level of sonic complexity.  Recorded by Phil Lesicko of Manic Static Records it's not surprising to me that these two underappreciated scuzz purveyors have teamed up to create a brilliant, 14-track juggernaut of a record.  Get it here.

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