Friday, February 19, 2021

OLD SHIT - Nervebreakers - 'Politics' & 'I Wanna Kill You' 7"s (Get Hip)

Get Hip Recordings just unleashed two stellar 7"s by 70s Dallas power pop punkers Nervebreakers.  The band started out doing Ramones and Sex Pistols covers and their sound could be said to fall somewhere in between the two.  To me they're like a midwest version of Richard Hell and The Voidoids. I know Dallas isn't technically a "midwest" town but these guys have that low budget, who-even-gives-a-fuck-about-our-band sound that generally emanates from Illinois or Ohio.  The production quality of the recordings are perfect- murky, fuzzy, analog guitars that let the live-take-sm57-punk-croonings poke through in just the right way.  The songs don't take themselves too seriously either with titles like the bouncy "My Girlfriend Is A Rock" and the Sheena-esque "They Were Doin The Pogo".  But that don't mean they all ain't chock-full-o-catchy-ass-toe-tappin-hooks. Who knows? Maybe some bored teens from Kankakee will decide to start a Nervebreakers cover band.  The audience at the local VFW would be none the wiser.  Get it here and here.

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