Thursday, November 20, 2014

REVIEW: Hot & Cold / skip skip ben ben - split 7" (Gary)

After another long hiatus WPOM? is back [pause for audience response]...I figured it would be appropriate to start up again with a local release and whaddya know?..Gary Records has another fantastic international split 7" to fit the bill.  The A-side kicks off with some trashy cheese from Toronto/Bejing outfit Hot & Cold.  Complete with keyboard drums, wonky tone bending and lackadaisical vocals these two tracks are catchy-yet-purposefully-understated.  The B-side is a sparse, echo-laden offering from Taipei's skip skip ben ben.  A small female voice pierces the murky aural landscape of these two tracks like the cricket from "A Cricket In Times Square" (yes I did).  The last track is particularly haunting and will surely tug on your heart strings with its elegant frailty.  Get both sides here.

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