Friday, August 8, 2014

REVIEW: Twin Peaks - "Flavor" music video (self-released)

"Flavor", the latest single/video from local basement-party-rockers Twin Peaks, hardly needs the WPOM? bump (no...that isn't a real thing) as it was debuted on Vice Magazine's online music channel Noisey, but these dudes are DIY Chicago boys through and through so I gotta say something about it (plus this song rules).  As the imagery in the video would suggest this is a song-of-the-summer-romper-of-a-track.  T.P. seem to have a knack for delivering recordings that are slick yet still retain an edgy youthfulness.  Which makes sense cuz I don't think anyone in the band is 21 yet (sorry if I'm wrong on that fact, boys).  That's also probably why they command such a loyal fan base of teenagers/post-teens that are more than willing to literally bloody themselves every time these dudes play (I actually had to patch up a young lady at their last appearance at Animal Kingdom after she slipped and fell on a broken beer bottle).  Okay, okay...enough of my babbling...go ahead and dive right in.  Get T.P.'s Wild Onion LP here.

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