Thursday, February 20, 2014

REVIEW: Radar Eyes - Community 7" (Requiem Pour Un Twister)

The latest from Chicago scene vets Radar Eyes is a double-sider if ever there was one.  Anthony Cozzi and his band of lonely pranksters keep raising the bar for themselves and Community ratchets it up yet another notch.  Shout-able hooks, intertwining guitar leads, driving rhythms, vintage synths and impeccable stripped-down recording techniques are all hallmarks of this disc.  If you close your eyes while listening to it you might swear you were back in 1986 at some cool underground new wave party in New York or Berlin surrounded by swaying teenagers with too much hairspray and too little ambition.  Upon opening your eyes you'd realize that its 2014 and this band rules.  Q: Seriously, is Chicago really killing it this hard right now? A: Yup.  Get it here.

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