Thursday, November 7, 2013

REVIEW: The Lemons - Hello, We're The Lemons (Tripp Tapes)

Chicago's sunshine super group have officially arrived!  The Lemons's Hello, We're The Lemons is in the running for Most Charming Chicago Release of 2013.  Not only are the songs cute, funny, weird and quirky...they're also expertly recorded (and I mean that in the most DIY/lo-fi way possible) and instantly memorable.  The good times are palpable on these recordings and, just like their live shows, the sound of this band is like a pure nitrous oxide hit straight to the makes you smile, feel stupid and want to hug the next person you see (especially if the person is dressed up like a giant teddy bear).  Its bubblegum completely unleashed in the happiest, catchiest way possible.  Group vocals, tasty licks, infectious melodies shine through a veritable cornucopia of production styles.  Highly recommended!!!  Oh yeah...did I mention the band is comprised of members of Today's Hits, Slushy, Hollow Mountain, Skymaul and The Rubs.  Its pure Chicago pop, people.  Get it here.

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