Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REVIEW: Slushy - Pocket b/w Candy 7" (Randy)

While many eyes in Chicago were wet when Brent Zmrhal skipped town a few weeks ago we were at least left with a parting gift in consolation.  Brent is one half of our city's sunniest pop duo, Slushy.  Their latest [and only?] 7" out on Randy Records is frickin' sweet...literally.  Lead singer/songwriter Chris Kramer has a way with penning simple, catchy, infectious pop music that would probably give you a toothache if you listened to too much of it.  The saccharine tunes are offset by the band's dirty, lo-fi approach.  Get it here.

p.s. look out for an exclusive Slushy track on the next WPOM? mixtape!

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