Wednesday, May 8, 2013

REVIEW: Todayshits - Tour Tape

by Steve Wichelecki

If you live in Chicago and are reading this you've undoubtably heard the name Todayshits more than a few times over the past three or four months. Shrouded in mystery and speculation, the group, or at least its founder, James Swanberg, is rumored to write, record and post a new song every day to the band's tumbler account. Whether or not this is totally fact, it is certain that over the past few months Swanberg has put together a three-piece band with members of Magic Milk and The Sueves that has been steadily building momentum, playing out around town practically once a week.

On the fast track to becoming as ridiculously prolific as Daniel Johnston, Todayshits has just released their newest offering, the 20-track "Tour Tape" album. Taking the short, sweet and simple approach, "Tour Tape" is comprised of fantastically lo-fi ditties on universal themes such as love and heartbreak, drugs and The Ramones. Marked by clever lyrics and oddly ingenious songwriting, the bare-bones garage jams on "Tour Tape" take their cue from '50s rock-n-roll ballads, doo-wop and chanted lyrics a la Dee Dee Ramone. The result is music that feels relaxed and effortless, that lulls the listener into a calm, day-drinking-on-a-sunny-Sunday-afternoon tranquility. See Todayshits for free Friday, May 17, at the one-and-only Cole's Bar.

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